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Retail packaging for a new healthcare product

We’ve been working with Leeds-based Advaskin, developing branding and packaging for a new pharmaceutical product, Sedigel.

Sedigel is a new scalp preparation that helps to reduce irritation and itching - our brief was to develop packaging that would allow it to share shelf space with other products in the retail healthcare sector.

The first part of our development process was to find out what was already on the market. We spent time visiting supermarkets and chemists examining and photographing similar products and getting a feel for their branding and packaging.

Positioning the design of a retail package is a tightrope act - trying to make it recognisable and distinct, whilst also placing it within a recognisable sector of products. To exactly mimic a competitor would just be to rip it off; to produce something radically different from the rest of the sector would risk confusing customers and damaging sales.

So is our Sedigel packaging just copycat design? I don't think so - our design gives visual reinforcement that Sedigel is a clinical product, and also provides a recognisable identity that can be implemented as necessary.

Posted by Brian 14.12.12 [ page link ]


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