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NHS design for real improvements

There's a nice piece on the Guardian website today about design in the NHS.

A new breed of designers have realised they can do more than the glossy consumer-brand work that might have otherwise filled their portfolios. They are bolstering their optimism, creativity and visualisation skills with a whole host of human-centred techniques unique to public sector design.
And a reminder that design needs to be able to demonstrate real-world improvements in outcomes.
For designers to succeed in the NHS, they need to be numbers-savvy or to work with others who are. They also need to balance the benefits of patient experience against the goals of better clinical care at a reduced cost to the taxpayer.
Our overriding ethos here at Making Sense is definitely in line with this - producing effective, cost-effective work that really makes a difference. All of our pharma work and much of our NHS material goes through user-testing before being released so we can be confident that people can actually read our documents and find and understand the information they want.

Posted by Brian 17.2.10 [ page link ]


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