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Readability testing of information

Performance-based readability testing of participant information for a Phase 3 IVF trial

Peter Knapp1 , DK Raynor1 , Jonathan Silcock1 and Brian Parkinson2
1 School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
2 Making Sense Design, Sheffield, UK

Research project looking at how the performance of an information sheet can be improved by rewriting and redesigning.


User Testing can allow information to be evaluated in a structured way. When it is combined with expertise in writing for patients and information design, it may result in a greater proportion of patients being able to understand what will happen within a trial.

Not only would this impact on the extent to which valid consent is given, but it may also impact on the smooth running of the trial, with participants knowing where and when to take medicines, return for tests, etc. Increasingly potential participants have been involved in the development of trial materials, often resulting in the materials being altered substantively. The great strength of performance-based testing is that it allows confirmation (or otherwise) that such changes will be of benefit to participants.

Particularly pleasing (and a great relief) to see my redesign performing so much better than the original.

Posted by Brian 28.10.09 [ page link ]


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