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Smart blister pack

More high-tech drug packaging here - although this time just for clinical trials - to help to accurately measure patients' compliance. Clever stuff.

The Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitoring) packaging is a disposable, low-cost intelligent pharmaceutical packaging (IPP) monitor for blister packaged medication. It uses a sensor grid technology and a proprietary process of printed conductive inks to record each time a pill or capsule is expelled from the package.
At the end of the clinical trial, the blister pack is scanned using radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology and the dosing information can be downloaded to a database.

The primary purpose of Med-ic is to ensure that patients in clinical trials are taking their medication at the time and frequency recommended, to avoid non-compliance issues that could skew the results.

More information here.

Posted by Brian 2.7.05 [ page link ]


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