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Pictograms again

I have a couple of projects in at the moment looking at ways of visually communicating information to people who don't read English... and it's far from straightforward. Visual symbols are like any other language - they need to be learned; very few are self explanatory. And the more complex (or unfamiliar) the concept, the harder it is.

There's an interesting article here (on Stein Lyftingsmo's ever-useful site) looking at Martina Ehlers and Ros Dowse's research into the effectiveness of pictograms in medication instructions, which doesn't make especially encouraging reading.

There's also a related presentation by Regis Vaillancourt here, looking at cross-cultural interpretation of pictograms, and more about the US Pharmacopeial Convention's series of pharmaceutical symbols here.

Posted by Brian 20.12.04 [ page link ]


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