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Design for patient safety

I see that the UK Department of Health and the Design Council have just published an excellent report on how design can be used to make healthcare safer for patients.

"The Design for Patient Safety report says the NHS is ‘seriously out of step’ with modern design thinking and methods and has less understanding of design than other safety-critical industries, which in turn creates avoidable risk and error. And it makes a string of recommendations for boosting knowledge and awareness and laying down guidelines for the design and purchase of equipment, products and packaging."

You can download it as a PDF file here.

Also you can order a (free) hard copy - which is wittily produced in the form of an infusion bag. Nice.

Perhaps things will start to happen now - it seems that the only way we can argue for improved design in healthcare is by pointing out the consequences, human and financial, of not taking action.

Posted by Brian 4.3.04 [ page link ]


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