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Improving health education leaflet uptake

Patient Education and Counselling

I just stumbled across this... a paper by Ffion Lloyd-Williams detailing a programme to try and increase the uptake of health education leaflets in community pharmacies.

"Most pharmacists felt that advice provided without a leaflet was not as effective as advice given with a leaflet. The reason being that, following the receipt of advice with a leaflet, clients could read the latter in their own time, thus reinforcing the message communicated by the pharmacist. In relation to those clients who did not receive any direct advice, the pharmacists thought that the leaflets could act as a resource for valuable advice and information. They even thought it possible that, having studied a leaflet in the privacy of their home, clients might return to their pharmacy for personal advice, but at a later stage."

Posted by Brian 7.1.04 [ page link ]


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