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More on medicines packaging

Packaging for a Safer Future in the Use of Medicines

I know this is quite an old article - 2001 - but it helps to give a background to Alpharma's recent pack redesign exercise.

The article lists Alpharma's three golden rules for information on drug packaging:

  • Essential information on the pack should form the primary level of recognition. For example make sure that the first thing the health care professional or patient concentrates on is the contents of the container.
  • The product name and strength should be shown on as many sides of the pack as possible. This means that however they are stored, a health care professional can locate the correct product quickly and easily.
  • The pack should do what it is meant to do. Establish the product identity clearly and succinctly without ambiguity.

Drug packaging is, very slowly, improving but the standard is still pretty woeful. It seems criminal to me that something so important, and yet so relatively simple to sort out should take so long to implement. Is it the cost of design that puts companies off? Awareness of the issues? Access to specialist designers?

Posted by Brian 17.12.03 [ page link ]


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