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Intrathecal Chemotherapy

National Guidance on the Safe Administration of Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Not strictly a design issue I know, except perhaps in the widest sense, but I see the Dept of Health has just released new guidance on the safe administration of intrathecal chemotherapy.

You may remember that there have been a number of tragic deaths where vinca alkaloids have been mistakenly injected into the bloodstream rather than into the spinal cavity. Part of the solution has lain in drugs being more clearly and distinctively labelled, but more importantly staff training and dispensing procedures have needed to be tightened up.

As graphic designers we can try and make information as clear as possible, but we're still up against the frailties of hurried, tired, preoccupied humans. I'm not sure we can do much about that.

Posted by Brian 1.12.03 [ page link ]


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