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Redefining design

The Dematerialization of Design: A New Profile for Visual Communication Design

Just to return to my theme of Designer as Instigator/Integrator - here's a wonderfully inspiring article by Jorge Frascara laying out a vision for the future of design. I think I'll adopt it as my mantra. Repeat after me: "Design is not concerned with objects, but with the impact that those objects have on people".

The article is an excerpt from the book Design and the Social Sciences, People-centered design: complexities and uncertainties. Unfortunately it isn't in any of the libraries to which I have access, so I may have to resort to Abebooks again.

"We have to stop thinking of design as the construction of graphics, products, services, systems and environments, and think about those as means for people to act, to realize their wishes and satisfy their needs. It is the needs and the wishes of people that we have to serve: the objects of design must be seen only as means."

Posted by Brian 9.11.03 [ page link ]


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