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Which pill when?

Medicines packaging to help compliance

The consequences of wasted and misadminstered medicines is vast - millions of pounds a year and thousands of unnecessary hospital admissions in the UK alone. This research, by Richard Mawle at the RCA, looks at ways in which the packaging of medicines can help older people keep track of their drug regimes and so improve their compliance. The project has so far resulted in three prototypes:

  • The Access Pack, which has an access aid as an intrinsic part of the packaging that helps physically impaired or older users to access pills inside a blister pack.
  • The Moving Pack, which incorporates a diary in the packaging - and can be split so patients don't have to carry the entire pack.
  • The Remind Pack, which has visual memory joggers that can be removed from the packaging and placed around the home as reminders.
The project is being supported by GlaxoSmithKline so, who knows, the packs may eventually see the light of day. It seems to me that the Department of Health should be commissioning and funding this sort of research.

Posted by Brian 15.10.03 [ page link ]


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