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Rebranding medicines

Alpharma rebranding

Packaging medicines is a balance - more often a battle - between brand recognition and providing accessible information. Alpharma pharmaceuticals recently worked with Landor Associates on a rebranding exercise to strengthen its market position and make the information on its packs clearer.

A lot of thought has gone into this; in particular, on the cartons...

  • A large clear font gives the name and strength of the medicine
  • Differentiation between medicine packs is improved by using a palette of seven colours
  • No two alphabetically consecutive products carry the same colour so they're less likely to get mixed up on the pharmacist's shelf
  • Products that are often prescribed at the same time use different colours
  • The back of each pack has been designated to carry the pharmacy label only so that important information does not risk being masked
There's more information about this project here.

Posted by Brian 19.10.03 [ page link ]


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