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IIID Vision Plus

Creating inclusive information environments

Vision Plus 10 is the International Institute for Information Design's latest bash, and it kicks off today. The theme for the event is tourist information - creating inclusive information environments - and takes place in Lech in Austria. Sounds good - wish I could be there. The sessions all look fascinating but I particularly like the look of Barry Gray's presentation on communicating across language barriers with pictograms.

"It must make sense to have symbols conveying information in a way that is both consistent and understandable throughout the world."

Sounds very similar to the work being done at Enterprise IDU by Colette Jeffrey, trying to develop a consistant set of understandable symbols that can aid wayfinding in hospitals.

Personally I have grave doubts as to whether it is possible to signify abstract concepts using a purely pictorial language.

Posted by Brian 18.9.03 [ page link ]


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